Speech Level Singing

Many Experts Recommend Speech Level Sessions For Professional Results

Speech level singing is a method of vocal training that is used by many singing stars across all music genres. The developer of this method is Seth Riggs, and the form of vocal training is frequently referred to as singing for the stars. SLS involves a number of voice training techniques that are designed to help train your throat, larynx, and vocal cords so that you get the best results. The emphasis is on preventing any vocal cord damage while strengthening your voice and increasing your range.

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SLS lessons require a certified instructor who has been well trained in this area. The lessons do have a cost involved, but the singing results achieved may make these lessons a great choice at any price. Many of today’s top singing artists take personal vocal training lessons from Seth Riggs, and use the SLS training method. The result that these techniques can provide help improve the tone and evenness of your voice, and increase the endurance that your voice has.

The professional results that speech level singing offers makes this form of training one of the most popular, and the most effective. The first vocal exercises that you will perform may leave you laughing, because you will normally start with simple sounds that have an unfinished quality. The early goal is to teach you to change the registers quickly while singing, and to help you train your throat to stay relaxed.

SLS vocal training will normally involve a series of vocal exercises, and these will increase the flexibility and range of your voice while helping you reinforce proper form and larynx placement. There are a number of certified instructors and singing coaches who offer lessons in SLS. Some like Brett Manning put their own individual spin on the SLS techniques and concepts, and this has proven to be a very successful venture.

A number of celebrities follow speech level singing with the program that is offered by Brett Manning. This includes names known around the world, such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Keith Urban to name just a few. SLS can be a very effective and successful method of vocal training, one that can offer excellent results.

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Drum Kit Reviews

DW Design Series Kit

The bass on our test kit gave a confidence-boosting low end



Prior to the inception of the Performance Series, any fully-fledged DW drum was made to order and so retained a suitably hefty DW price tag. This new Design Series follows that trend of ’boutique inspired’, pro-quality drums with a more affordable pricetag.

In order to maintain this level of affordability, all of the drums in the new series are made in DW’s Taiwanese factory, where the cost of labour is drastically reduced.

However, the quality of build is said to be of a similarly high standard and all drums are produced with comparable tooling to their Californian counterparts. As a further means of keeping prices competitive, at present DW are only offering one standard shell pack and a limited choice of drum sizes and finishes.

There are a number of aspects that differentiate the Design Series from any other line of DW drums: slightly thicker veneers, grain orientation, lugs and, according to DW, their sound.

Instead of 1/36″ veneers, the Design Series shells are made of slightly thicker 1/32″ (0.8mm) slices. This produces a thicker shell wall, negating the use of the familiar reinforcing hoops found on many of DW’s drums.

“Hand-picked North American Maple is the material of choice”
Hand-picked North American Maple is the material of choice – a timber favoured by many drum manufacturers and used for many DW branded drums, including some of the high-end Collector’s Series.

The shells of the toms and bass drum are formed with DW’s proprietary HVLT (Horizontal Vertical Low-Tension) process. This follows an arrangement of a vertical grained inner, horizontal outer and cross- laminate plies sandwiched in between. HVLT shell construction is unique to the new series and, according to DW’s John Good (vice-president and co-founder) it is the horizontal outer ply that gives the Design Series their initial attack and articulation.

The vertical inner reinforces the familiar maple warmth while managing to ‘pack a punch’. The snare drum is constructed with an HVX ply configuration (as in the Performance Series): the grain is layered firstly as horizontal then vertical until the last two inner plies, which are cross-laminated.

For review we have the only available shell pack configuration currently offered: a 22″x18″ bass drum, 14″x51⁄2″ snare, 10″x8″ and 12″x9″ rack toms and a 16″x14″ floor tom. The series comes with chromed hardware as standard, STM suspended tom mounts and the rather cute DW mini lugs. These are slightly smaller than the ‘quarter’ turrets of the Performance series, and I think they look superb.

The new models have been re-engineered with dual shell fixings and a special fixing arrangement. The snare drum has a set of centralised mini lugs with extended portions designed to accept the tension bolts top and bottom, giving a slight ‘propeller look’. The mini turret has been used on some special drum editions in the past, but DW has no future plans to use them on any other series.

We have become accustomed to a wide choice of add-on drums and a massive selection of colours/finishes from the DW camp. However, there are just three add-on drums – 8″x7″ suspended tom, 14″x12″ and 18″x16″ floor toms.

Also, the choice of finishes (all UV cured) is extremely limited, but it does include the beautiful pearlescent White Matte (as seen on the review kit), Cherry Stain Lacquer and a Tobacco Burst Gloss. However, judging by the strong hints of DW’s vice-president of marketing, we don’t think it will be too long before we see the new series expanded.

“The build quality and standard of engineering looks to be equal to that of the American-made drums”
The whole kit really is beautifully finished inside and out and the build quality and standard of engineering looks to be equal to that of the American-made drums.

Inside, instead of the familiar stamps of the date the drums were manufactured and the designated note for the ‘Timbre Matching’ of the Collector’s Series and other high-end DW kits, each of these drums has a large Design Series label giving a variety of information about the series and various patented components for the drums.

All of the heads are single-ply and the rims of the toms and snare are graduated in two thicknesses according to drum size. Altogether this should maintain an open drum sound and allow plenty of projection.

The toms have a clear top and bottom head, while the batter of the snare drum is a Remo ‘Controlled Sound’ equivalent that has a reverse dot stuck to the underside. The bass drum is supplied with a white suede front head, sporting a fairly understated but distinctive DW logo outlined in black.

There are some trademark DW features on the kick, including six tiny holes, or ‘ports’, around the outer perimeter of the head, and the offset DW badge. The head is made from thin Mylar and has no form of in-built dampening but the rear head does, with a perimeter-type internal dampening strip that extends inwards by around 3cm or 4cm.

Hands on
Apart from the kick, all of the heads are in situ and in a reasonable state of tuning – albeit a tad too high for us on the toms. The initial task involves fitting the two supplied BDF2 dampening pillows and putting both drum heads onto the kick.

“From the very first smack of the beater, the kick drum proves instantly impressive”
Usually the dampening consists of a single pillow in the shape of a dog bone – DW has opted for two separate pillows and dispensed with the middle section. After some minor de-wrinkling of the batter and applying more tension to the front head, we are ready to go. From the very first smack of the beater, this drum proves instantly impressive.

It provides us with an amazing punchy slap followed by a dry (courtesy of the pillows), deep and rich drum sound – if you could bottle the sound of a kick, this would be the one! From behind the drums, the bass drum gives a confidence-boosting low end and, according to the bass player standing out front, it can be felt as well as heard, as he said “it made my trousers flap” – a compliment indeed!

With very little tuning, the toms soon get the thumbs up with their unhindered single ply heads allowing the drums to ring freely, giving greater potential for projection. They are well focused and each strike comes with plenty of attack, clearly discernible from each of the previous strikes, which aids articulation.

After the initial attack, the 16″ tom produces a deep, powerful boom followed by a reassuringly long overtone that slowly and evenly fades away.

Decreasing the tension of the 12″ tom and increasing it on the 16″ floor tom goes some way towards compensating for the potentially wide gap in pitch between the two drums. A 14″ floor tom would fill this gap nicely – if I were to buy this kit, this would be the option I would choose.

Lastly, the matching wooden snare is a welcome addition to the shell pack. At a low tuning it is significantly beefy, with the reverse black dot of the batter providing extra body to the 51⁄2″ depth. Cranking up the tension rods a few turns gives the drum more attack while still retaining its throaty authoritative power. When more cut is required, it’s not at all averse to a well- applied rim shot: this sends the drum immediately chomping its way through any loud amplification.

Perhaps the initial lack of add-ons and choice of finishes could put the dampeners on the Design Series drums, but we can’t imagine it will be long before those options begin to appear. Either way, if this new series doesn’t sell like hot cakes we will eat our hi-hats!

Keyboard Reviews

Roland – Lucina Synthesizer

Roland - Lucina Synthesizer - Larger Front

Freedom of Expression

Who says keyboardists need to hide behind their gear? Liberate yourself and roam free with the Lucina AX-09 Synthesizer. Lucina is compact, lightweight, and loaded with great sounds, all easily selectable with the onboard Category buttons. Plug in a USB stick and add backing tracks to your performances with the Audio Player function, or plug in an MP3/CD player and jam along with your favorite songs. This ultra-light synth is designed to fit all musicians – even kids. It’s super easy to use yet it packs a heavyweight musical punch with its stellar sounds and expressive controls.


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Guitar Reviews

Gibson – Slash Signature – Les Pauls


Gibson: Slash Signature Les Paul


Features: Made in the USA. 22 frets. Mahogany body and neck, with the neck being set to Slash’s personal specifications. It is so thin and comfortable it blows every other Les Paul I’ve played away. Beautiful flamed maple top. Tonepro stop bar and bridge. 2 tone, 2 volume controls and 3-way selector switch. Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro-II humbuckers. Non-locking Kluson copy tuners. Came with a custom made Gibson USA case. The only thing I changed was I put on a set of Schaller strap locks. // 10

Sound: I play from classic rock to metal and it fits perfectly no matter what I am playing. It can do sweet clean tones, metal crunch, and everywhere in between depending on how you set your amplifier. It’s not noisy at all. I took it to a guitar shop and it out played every guitar we pulled off the wall including a couple Les Paul Studios. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: It was set up perfectly, the action was great. The pickups didn’t need any adjustment. The bridge was properly routed. I can’t find any flaws on the whole guitar and I’ve looked over the entire thing in and out. The finish looks beautiful and can looks like it will last as long as I own the guitar. All of the chrome is perfect. The pickup selector isnt noisy at all. Everything was perfect right out of the box. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar seems like it can take abuse well, my friend smacked the bottom against a chair and it didn’t leave a mark. The hardware is totally solid and seems like it will last. I replaced the strap buttons so I don’t really know. I could easily gig without a backup, but anything could happen so I would always bring a spare just in case. The finish seems just as solid as the rest of the guitar. // 10

Overall Impression: I play anything from classic rock to metal and it can do it all with just a little adjustment of your amplifer. I have been playing for only 5 years but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s good. I also have an Epiphone Les Paul with EMG pickups and a B.C. Rich warlock all played through a Marshall amp and there isnt even a contest. If it were stolen or lost I would definetly get a new one no question. I love the skull and crossbones picture on the headstock instead of the “Les Paul model”. It just looks badass. I love everything about it, and I can’t seem to find anything I hate. Like I said it before I compared it to some guitars in a guitar shop and it blew them all away. They was a Dean ML, a Paul Reed Smith Mira, a Gibson Flying V, a Gibson SG, and a Gibson Les Paul Studio all played through a Marshall amp and the only thing that even came close was the SG and and Mira but it still outshined all of them. I only wish the case came with a lock so my friends can’t steal it but that’s the only thing. If you get the chance buy one. // 10

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How Jamplay Structures Teachings In Phases To Perfect Skill

Acoustic guitar can be learned reasonably quickly, and as Nirvana demonstrated, complex chords aren’t necessary to achieve legendary results. However, even Kurt Cobain’s skills would have skyrocketed if he’d devoted the necessary years to classical guitar. It is said that classical guitarists can achieve the most potential with acoustic guitars. Jamplay offers video lessons that allow guitarists of all levels to learn acoustic, electric and classical guitar across a range of genres.

Complicated fingerpicking methods are needed to play classical guitar. The nylon strings these instruments typically have create a distinct, clear sound. Their wide necks let musicians play clear arpeggios and chords that other guitars can’t manage. Spanish and classical guitar lets students learn highly specific genres, but they also act as a springboard into other kinds of guitar playing styles.

Classical musicians need to play their guitars with technical, physical and psychological skill. The instrument’s technicalities are comprehensive, so demonstration is an important part of learning. When properly taught, students will learn to achieve sounds that they would otherwise never be capable of. Video demonstrations are provided in phases so that acoustic guitar is taught together with progress reports. Experienced players can learn the more technical factors involved in classical guitar playing.

The beginning of acoustic and electric guitar lessons needs to confront the basic finger techniques, chords and theory. Jamplay reviews offer the finer details incorporated into each learning phase. From the start, students are taught about the all important posturing and finger picking that will enhance their playing throughout their musical experience. When physical posturing is perfected, many mistakes can be avoided.

Bad habits such as hunching while playing, overarching the wrist and placing too much pressure on the thumb will bring a loss of control that affects technique. Any tension that is not controlled, even when they involve muscles that aren’t connected to the instrument, will negatively impact on technique. Posture, picking and strumming methods all need to be learned early on to prevent the formation of bad habits.

The balance between repose and control has a remarkable impact on skill. Only those who have mastered the technicalities of their instrument can learn to manipulate tension freely. Those who try to learn this before they learn technique are likely to be overly affected by anxiety.

Video lessons give students photographs of the correct hand and seating postures so that they don’t need to unlearn negative techniques later. Videos can be looped so that the instructor’s technique can be viewed whilst the player practices with him. Once the foundations have been set, learners can begin to move into different genres.

The second stage of learning helps musicians to learn the technicalities involved in specific genres. Classical, classic rock and jazz playing all have their unique difficulties and skills. Students who have reached this stage can start learning 12 string guitar.

In the third phase, students are taught specific songs in set music styles. This teaches musical interpretation and the specialized techniques involved in different types of music. Jamplay lessons are also conducted through webcam so that learners are able to ask their instructors direct questions.

If you are searching for more info about learning guitar with JamPlay, take a look at our website right away! Click here to learn more about Jamplay by visiting this page on http://speechlevelsinging.org/jamplay/ now.

Advantages of attending formal singing lessons

By Abigail Roberts


If you love singing, you certainly want to improve in this craft day after day. The trouble with daily practice however is that you really do not know if you commit sharps, flats, and other singing mistakes. This is why you have to consider taking formal singing lessons in a music school. With a vocal instructor, you become aware of the full potential of your talent.

The formal music lessons Singapore companies offer are often divided into three levels-beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Your level is determined not so much by your age but more by your singing skills.

If you want to master how to sing, you should of course first become a good listener. Singing lessons usually begin with listening. You’ll be made aware of the sound of your own voice, and consequently the instructor will give you a thorough feedback on what needs to be developed.

After this, students learn various breathing and vocal exercises. These exercises help improve the quality of the voice. A vocal trainer also distinguishes students’ singing problems and addresses them with the right plan. Problems usually involve volume control, clarity, diction, and resonance.

Articulation is an important aspect of singing, and a number of sessions concentrate on diction training. Students are made aware of their diction problems and taught how to mend them. A teacher tests diction through a performance that tests a student’s ability to pronounce words with clarity.

Once diction issues are solved, a vocal instructor moves on to developing students’ vocal range. Students learn techniques such as doing chest tone and head tone, producing a falsetto, and pulling off good voice shifting.

A vocal coach also trains students how to perform on stage. This involves instructions on correct singing postures and getting rid of bad mannerisms, facial gestures, and movements on stage. In addition, a mentor also facilitates exercises that teach students about dealing with nervousness and stage fright.

Just like in learning other courses, developing your singing skills through singing lessons entails spending a significant amount of money. Hence, you should learn to choose well when hiring a professional vocal coach or a music school for singing lessons. Other programs a music school usually offer include Keyboard lessons and piano lessons.



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What children learn from music lessons

By Anne Weaver


One too many parents dream that someday, they can watch their kids perform on stage, before a huge crowd, playing a song that is good music to everyone’s ears. More than a few realise such dream and are thankful that they made a decision to sign up their kids to those music lessons. But it’s important to note that turning a child into a musician isn’t all about fulfilling the parents’ fantasies. There are a lot of benefits that such lessons bring to the child himself or herself. In the following paragraphs, we will be enumerating few of them. For one, keyboard lessons help kids to perform better in school compared to their non-musical counterparts. Studies show that children who enrolled in keyboard lessons perform better in subjects like math, science and engineering – areas which most of their peers usually find trouble in understanding.

Since playing an instrument isn’t simple, the child learns to remain patient until he or she gets the hang of it. He or she values the importance of remaining positive and believing that it’s possible to rise above the challenges. The kid is aware that the last thing he or she wants to do whenever confronted with a seemingly insurmountable difficulty is to become discouraged, frustrated and to give up too soon.

Reading, interpreting and translating a piece of music involves the right amount of focus from the kid. He or she have to understand every note fast enough to proceed accordingly. Such tasks encourage creativity and critical thinking, two of the most important skills which the kid can utilise in other areas of life.

Moreover, since the kid has to perform before an audience, he or she also learns how to handle himself or herself with confidence. The kid also acknowledges that stress is a part of the learning process. Because of this, he or she sees it as a challenge and never as a hindrance to what he or she is capable of doing.

By learning to play music using the piano, kids acquire the skills and knowledge which can actually help find it easier to produce pleasing sounds using other musical instruments. The schools that offer keyboard classes in Singapore normally include Guitar lessons in their programs too. So if your kid enjoyed his or her lessons in piano, encourage him or her to continue pursuing the love for music. As your young person strives to become a better musician, you will enjoy hearing melodies of great composers and ultimately, original compositions which will surely make you an even prouder parent.



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Learn Guitar Lessons Fast and Effectively

By Allana Clark


Some people find it difficult to learn musical instruments like guitar. This must not be the case, however, particularly if you really have the passion in music and in playing any musical instrument. You just need the right resources as well as enough support from your loved ones and friends.

A guitar, in general, is a musical instrument that is loved by lots of people, young and old alike. This is due to the guitar’s flexibility in any music genre, like acoustic, pop, country and rock. Acoustic guitars are commonly used by musicians and singers when they perform in concerts and other shows. Electric guitars, on the other hand, are also used by many artists now and are favored for their innate loud sound.

How Students In Singapore Learn To Play Guitar

In Singapore, it is usual for students to enroll in a reliable music school when they like to learn how to play guitar. A good music school offers qualified instructors who can teach you the basic techniques and some other strategies for playing the instrument. But because it requires money to enroll in a particular music school, you need to consider many essential factors when choosing one, apart from the teachers’ qualifications. A good class setting and flexible schedules are also vital when selecting a music school.

Music schools in Singapore address the learning needs of advanced, intermediate, and beginner students. Other than taking guitar lessons, you can take voice lessons, singing lessons, and piano or keyboard lessons in a reputable music school. The variety of courses and lessons that music schools offer gives students the opportunity to be flexible and to explore further their interests in music.

What To Expect From Music Schools

Music schools differ in terms of the types of classes they offer as well as their rates. Remember that studying in an expensive music school don’t necessarily mean you will learn faster. So when choosing a music school, you have to ensure they provide a systematic way of gauging every student’s improvement. It is likewise better if your teacher is not only knowledgeable but is also someone whom you can ask regarding the things that impact your learning.

Attending guitar classes in Singapore does not guarantee success if you do not allot extra time for practicing alone. It is best to schedule your practice after every class when the things you have learned are still fresh in your mind. A handbook from the school will allow you to learn and practice both the basic and advanced techniques. Additionally, you can practice playing guitar with your friends who share similar interest to have more fun in learning.



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How to Play Sing Me Something Like a Pro

By Martin Reynolds


Finding out how to perform effectively is possible for anyone who’s game to give it a possibility. There are a lot of people that thinks they can’t sing due to the common misunderstanding that performers are naturally created with the skill to perform. Although this is true for some naturally talented performers, but performing is really a talent that may be developed. Nonetheless, becoming exposed to an everyday singing and performing routine could possibly get uninteresting and dull eventually. Wouldn’t it be excellent if we make it a enjoyable and fun adventure similar to playing a activity?

Well not to worry because combining both singing and playing is now possible all thanks to the Sing Me Something mobile game application. Sing Me Something changes the face of the game as it combines the renowned mobile app hit Draw Something and Karaoke. It’s a social gaming application where it allows you to choose a song to sing from pre-selected category, while your friends will have to guess the title of the song you’re belting out. You can sing your heart out (just make sure you’re not interrupting others) as you challenge your friends from all over the world and take turns in doing so.

However music based software had been initially designed out from a well-known Pictionary activity called Draw Something, this online game challenges your musical expertise and of course your singing skills!

So for you to get started in playing Sing Me Something, you need to choose a friend first and challenge him/her with your musical prowess. Then you will need to draw out a song from three sets of options, if you happen to know the song then by all means sing your heart out with your phone as the microphone, record it, and then send it to your friends. Take note that the app will not provide you any lyrics while you’re singing it out, however it will provide you a couple of link on YouTube where you can refresh your memory about the song or get an idea on how the song sounds like (in case you don’t know the song).

On the other end, when your buddy gets the tune he/she will have to guess the particular song’s title or even performer. He’ll have to properly enter in the characters on the virtual key-board to complete the lacking letters. As the activity advances and as you take turns in guessing, you’ll know who’s the superior one among the players is. You may also boast your Sing Me Something accomplishment on numerous social networking sites now as the application is well integrated with them. Let your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and much more know your singing knowledge and become acknowledged around the world.

Currently, there are about one thousand tracks which are based on the popular hits on Youtube . com and also the developer’s individual favorites too. You should expect to listen to songs drawn back through the 80s, 90s or more to the current. Learning how to sing has never been so significantly fun!

Just like Draw Something, anyone who guesses the track correctly will earn money, which you can use to buy items that will help you make betting easier.

Now, whoever said singing is not meant for everyone to enjoy? Sing like a pro and have fun with your family and friends at any given environment with Sing Me Something because singing is meant to be enjoyed!



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Guitar Tricks Review

Guitar Tricks Product Features

Core Learning System

What is the Core Learning System?:

In essence, the Core Learning System® is a revolutionary step by step program for the beginner to intermediate student. Featuring over 1500 lessons, all interlinked step by step that start from “how do I hold a pick” and end with an advanced intermediate lead guitar. The Core Learning System is the result of seven years of continuous development and improvement. It is purported to be the most comprehensive guitar lesson system available online today.

Contrast with other programs:

Most other providers of guitar lessons leave the teaching up to the instructor, assuming that a teacher has his or her own teaching method and that everybody’s approach is different.  While this is somewhat true, Guitar Tricks knows that the results are often very disappointing. Consider this.  An instructor can be an excellent guitar player, but a very weak teacher.  The converse is also true. The problem is that teachers teach the mistakes that they know, often fail to teach sequential steps, skip around and wander from topic to topic.  This is where the Core Learning System comes into play.  The Core Learning System is based on a curriculum that has been proved to work.  It has been rigorously tested and fine tuned for years.  It works better than anything else that is available on the market currently.


300 Popular Songs

What it is:

Research has shown that Beginner and Intermediate guitarists alike cite that learning songs is their number one goal for playing guitar.  For this reason, Guitar Tricks has  a library of over 300 popular songs, including hits like Hotel California, Sweet Home Alabama, Wind Cries Mary and more. We believe that no other online lesson program provider can match this catalog of songs. The reason for this, is that all songs provided by Guitar Tricks are fully licensed by the publisher, so there is no risk at all to the student.  All the songs are taught by Guitar Tricks in a proprietary system that caters for beginners and advanced students alike.

Contrast with other programs:

We have found that other online providers of guitar lessons either offer no song lessons and worse unlicensed song lessons or a very limited range of songs.  Legal consequences in the online guitar lesson arena are often the case of using unlicensed material.  Many students have invested a large amount of funds, only to find the lesson provider goes out of business due to legal infringements.  Guitar Tricks has exceptionally strong ties and relationships with all major publishers and as a result other lesson providers are not able to compete in bringing the top hits to their students.

Click Here to Visit the Official Site

The Guitar Tricks Teaching System

What it is:

Guitar Tricks is rated as a Level 3 guitar lesson provider.  The is best explained as follows: Level 1 is providing the lessons.  Level 2 is providing the most lessons and Level 3 is providing the best lessons online. Guitar Tricks has one goal.  Provide the best guitar lessons ever recorded.  The teaching approach is very close to our heart. Constant reviews of our methods ensure this.  The Guitar Tricks curriculum is managed by a central group of editors that review every lesson multiple times to ensure continuous improvements. After creating over 5000 lessons, we are now concentrating on refining the lessons all the time echoing the ethos, if the lessons are better, the student is better.

What is the Contrast with other programs:

Other guitar lessons providers are often run by non-guitarists and if there is a guitarist on the staff, they are in most cases freelance and temporary worked.  As a result, this can led to an inconsistent method of teaching.  This approach can however produce a very good set of lessons (Level 1), but it will not produce the best (Level 2) lessons.

Available Everywhere

What it is:

Simply put Guitar Tricks is available everywhere.  You can access Guitar Tricks via your computer, on your mobile phone (Apple and Android), on your tablet and on your TV with the new Blues Learning System DVD program. No matter where you go, Guitar Tricks is with you. This ensure that the system can be accessed by the greatest number of guitarists. Guitar Tricks is committed to providing lessons in all available formats, and will continue to support new technologies and media.


The Best Place To Learn Guitar

Award winning Lessons

Guitar Tricks is an internationally recognized leader in online education. So it is no surprise that Guitar Tricks has won a number of prestigious awards, including the International Academy of Visual Arts W3 Award for Excellence in Web Video Education, the Davey Award for Excellence in Instructional Video and the Player’s Choice Award from Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

Focused on guitar

Guitar Tricks is focused on teaching guitar and only guitar. Other guitar lesson providers focus on drums, bass, even ballroom dancing. Guitar Tricks believes that we can make better lessons than anyone by focusing solely on making the best guitar lessons.

Run by guitarists

We have one overriding passion: making the best guitar lessons available anywhere.

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  • Guitar Tricks has set the bar!

    “Guitar Tricks has set the bar! (pun definitely intended ;) I’m simply in awe at the quality of this site. Between the skill levels of the instructors, the attention to every detail in the lessons and the actual quality of the videos, these lessons “pop” onto the screen and truly engage me each step of the way. What a wonderful experience. Thank you so much!”

    Lea Kennedy, Phoenix, Arizona

    Lea Kennedy, Phoenix, Arizona

  • My brother was better than me until I found your site!

    “Just wanted you to know that you site is just the one I have been looking for for years. I can play, but really need to move forward and had no real guidance. I love the site and am so excited about using it to its full potential. I’m from the UK but living in Dubai in the UAE for more than 20 years, which has taken me away from folk nights and half decent music shops of the UK… My brother plays also and he lives in the UK. Thanks to technology we can generally share a few guitar sessions…”

    – Christine G., Dubai, UAE

    -- Christine G., Dubai, UAE

  • I’ve doubled the speed of my learning!

    “”I love the site! I have been trying to learn the guitar on my own by just learning the chords and getting help from my brother whenever he is around, but it has been slow going. The videos have really helped me and I think I have at least doubled the speed I am learning at. Keep up the good work and I will definately recommend you guys to anyone asking for advice in learing how to play the guitar!””

    Josh Sims, Birmingham, AL

    Josh Sims, Birmingham, AL

  • FINALLY a very well developed curriculum!

    “Dear Mr. Schlegel, I am 56 years old and have recently picked up the guitar again after picking at it while a High School student. Not much experience other than playing chords. I decided to write this note in appreciation for your outstanding effort in the beginner course you led for GT and which I decided to take from the beginning. I thought that although I already play many chords without a problem that there could be a tip here and there that I could pick up. Man, WAS I WRONG, I ended…”

    – Franklyn Suliveres, Sarasota, Florida U.S.A.

    -- Franklyn Suliveres, Sarasota, Florida U.S.A.

  • Makes everything make sense!

    “I got to tell you I absolutely loved the Blues course for beginners and I’m about to start the Rock course. I’m not new to guitar but I’ve never had the foundations to make everything make sense and I’m really getting that from these courses. Thank you so much.”

    Sergio Romero from Montreal

The Best Curriculum

Best fingerpicking curriculum

Our award winning finger-picking instructor Lisa McCormick is one of our most popular instructors. Her friendly, easy to understand style and practical teaching method has helped thousands master what normally is a very difficult technique.

Best country curriculum

When we decided to build the best online country curriculum, we went to the heart of country music: Nashville. Our country course is taught by real touring and session musicians that live and breathe country music.

Best blues curriculum

With all of the different regions, players and styles, true blues fans know that there’s a lot to learn about the blues. Our blues master Anders Mouridsen covers it all: Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, Texas Blues, playing like heroes like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, BB King and more. We don’t just teach how to play the blues, we make people real bluesmen.

The Best Tools

Guitar Karaoke

Exclusive to Guitar Tricks song lessons, Guitar Tricks provides “jam along” tracks for every song so you can play along with the backing track while watching the instructor’s fingers on the video. It’s like karaoke for guitar!

Jam Station

The Jam Station is like having a backing band on standby, ready to help you jam away any time day or night. With hundreds of backing tracks online, you will never run out of inspiration. With so many tracks at your fingertips, Jam Station may become your most valuable tool in the fight against “stuck in a rut syndrome.”

Ultimate Chord Finder

With 20 different chord forms, and three variations for each, Ultimate Chord Finder covers all the most important chord forms and their variations. To help you learn new chords, the Ultimate Chord Finder includes audio samples to show you have the chord should sound when played correctly.

Ultimate Scale Finder

Are you getting stuck in the basic pentatonic box? No more! The Ultimate Scale Finder will show you all five scale patterns for 20 different scales in all 12 keys. A minor pentatonic in the 8th fret position? No problem! C# Phrygian across the neck? Coming right up. Whether your favorite style is the sweet sounds of the major pentatonic or the shreddy mayhem of the harmonic major, the Ultimate Scale Finder is here to help.

Ultimate Metronome

Ever wish exercises weren’t boring? We sure did. That’s why Guitar Tricks members invented the Ultimate Metronome. The Ultimate Metronome’s Speed Drill feature increases BPM over time, turning exercises into a challenging game. How fast can you go without losing control of your technique? The Ultimate Metronome makes it fun to find out.

Statistics and User Feedback

A 2010 survey of more than 1,000 Guitar Tricks members reveals:

98% Would Recommend Guitar Tricks

97.8% of survey respondents report they would recommend Guitar Tricks to friends and family – Guitar Tricks is a reputable organization that treats its customers well, doesn’t engage in copyright infringement, and cares deeply about making the best guitar lessons in the world. The proof is in this remarkable statistic.

80% Learned Guitar Faster

80.0% of respondents report learning faster with Guitar Tricks than with other learning methods – Guitar Tricks lessons are designed to teach you in a more efficient way. Guitar Tricks teaching methods have been refined over their 14 year history. Our core curriculum has been recalibrated and reshot continuously since 2005. We shoot and edit the same course over and over with one goal in mind: to ensure that today’s students learn even faster than last year’s students.

40% Increase In Guitar Skills

On average, users have reported that their skill improved (on a scale of 1 to 10) from 3 to 5 (a 40% increase) after subscribing to Guitar Tricks – Actual results are the proof of a good method. This statistic shows that Guitar Tricks helps all guitarists, from beginner to advanced, to increase their skill and ability in a convenient, affordable way.
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DUBTurbo Reviewed

Trust Me Read This If You’re Deciding Which Beat Maker To Invest Your Hard Earned Money Into!

DO NOT Make Beats Online!
DO NOT Make Beats With MP3′s!
DO NOT Use ONE Bar Software!

So YOU are in the market to MAKE SICK BEATS FAST – but you’re seeing a BUNCH of pitch pages and have no clue which one to get or what makes them different…I thought so.  So was I.

I understand your concern and JUST went through this (well, like 4 months ago). I was scratching my head doing a bunch of what I now found pointless, research on what I need to just accomplish ONE darn task, to create beats that are high quality when exported (i.e. .wav 16 bit stereo)…

I then spent the rest of my money on audio production software that was based online, or that was free.

So we will be kind to you and let this page spare you the pain of pointless research you are probably about to do or have done. It is pretty simple to make beats once you get to understand the immediate basics.

So what are the basics?

1. You NEED a sequencer! What is it? It’s basically your canvas, where you integrate sounds onto your timeline, those sounds can be drums, keys, voices, whatever…. it all happens in your main sequencer interface before you get into the panels of the drum editors where you build the actual beats or your keyboards where you play sustaining samples or triggered tones…

2. That sequencer should be able to not only import your own sounds but the software SHOULD come with already mastered sick libraries by default, AT MINIMUM 44.1 stereo 16 bit .wav files (then when you export it should be the same, which makes your beats quality flawless).

3. FORGET ONLINE OR MP3 music production software! The problem with making beats online is that you have to login and you’re on a cloud based system – meaning your internet connection and the server that the site/beat maker are sitting on are acting as your main cpu. Well DubTurbo can also do that, but it makes the process SLOW!  Installing the software locally makes for a much slicker and faster process.

In any case the online beat machines are VERY limited, when you export your .mp3 file. Yeah it bangs ok but nowhere close to what it should sound like. Even their libraries are usually pretty cheesy, and you can forget about importing your own sounds (who cares, again it’s MP3′s, yuk).

I have nothing against mp3′s, for when you’re exporting your mastered song into a standard pcm .wav and THEN converting it down to mp3 from that master, BUT to ‘start’ your foundation of each beat with mp3′s is for kids.

No serious artist or studio will look at you, and you’ll be LUCKY if you can hawk it for $5 on the bargain basement beat sites lol… you’ve been warned, stick to broadcast quality.

So finally after contemplating giving up on anything under $200′ish, I decided to take Dubturbo for a trial run.. …. The thing cost me $30 and it covers ALL of the above and more. It comes with really nicely mastered libraries, an easy to use interface which kind of reminds me of a cross between logic, cubase, and an mpc for their beat machine panel.

For version 1.0 even with the few small bugs, I’m extremely impressed with their over-delivery! Importing a few kits I bought recently was a breeze and I ended up making like 4 kits my first night by beat-boxing into my mic and chopping up the sounds into my own kits, then sequencing them…

Exporting into a .wav is also an easy task, and you control the volume of EACH sound, not just the whole kit (each drum kit has 10 sounds, so you can turn down the master of all 10 combined, or turn down just the snare, or turn up just the kick, etc).

What else can I say…. Here I know, I’ll ask myself a few general questions pretending I’m YOU and I don’t know this world yet:

* Best part of the app and why you use this one instead of the others in it’s price range?

Yeah I know, the money thing is important, to me more than anyone! So seeing that it was $30 kinda threw me off, so that’s probably the best part, is that my mission (my TRUE mission, to make 16-32 bars of WICKED hooks, patterns, and beats with custom sounds and samples – WITHOUT having to get a whole home studio) is becoming a reality! It was a good realization that first time a client asked me “So where’s the .wav file I need that for the radio and tv spots too”. This is so much more than anything else in it’s price range you can’t really compare (again most are mp3 crappy online versions, or upsell driven where you need more plugins or PC parts…).

 I was like seriously WOW dude!

I’ve learned a LOT since I was in your shoes, and trust me it’s good to be in mine! I hustle beats now like a madman, and I’m saving up to get more gear too because this feeds both my desire to bang music and express my creativity, and have an outlet to channel that creativity to turn it into money and feed my kids kids someday!

Hey I even did a few Fiverr gigs and the clients were really impressed. I made a bit, but you can make even more serious money with Dubturbo beats by selling them online.

I’m not filthy rich no, but the most important part of my beat making journey is taken care of – now all I do is listen to tracks and videos on youtube from my favorite artists, and make my own remixes of their beats – SOUNDS HOT! & broadcast quality!

Keep Bangin Beats!


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